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My Name Is Kailah Burleson and I Was Kidnapped At Three-Months-Old

 My name is kailah burleson. I am 14 years old and this is my story. When I was almost 3 months old I was kidnapped from my mother by my father. My mother went to the police but they said that there ws nothing that they could do about it. She was devistated she did everything she could to get me back but it never seemed to work out. One day she decided to move all the way across the country to california to see if she would have better luck finding an attorney. Things on my end durring this time werent much better, I lived with my father, my grandfather, my grandmother and several other drifters. I never knew who was coming in and out of the door next. Lets just say that it wasn’t the best living inviroment for anyone let alone a small child. But even as a kid I knew that I would have to live with alcoholics and drug addicts for the rest of my life, so I had to just bear it. When I was five years old the only stable thing I had in my life disapeared. My grandfather passed away of congestive heart failure. It was devistating to everyone. My father ended up going to prison for illegal drugs such as crack-cocaine. So I was stuck living wth my alcoholic grandmother until he got out. When my father did finally get released he robbed a bank. He got more money than anyone could imagine. But barely a week later he was shot and killed in front of me durring a police shootout in our home. I was only seven years old when I witnessed the death of my father. A couple days after his death my real mother came to get me. She was granted temporary custody and I lived with her for ten days. I was removed from her care and put back in the hands of my grandmother. She kept me up every night screaming and yelling and getting drunk, she was mean to me and barely even fed me. The only food that I ever ate was instant potatoes, because they were the only thing I could fix for myself. If I didn’t cook I didn’t eat. But luckily when I was about 10 years old I was removed from her home and placed in the care of my aunt. She is my fathers sister and she has a boyfriend of 14 years and three children. I lived with them there for over three years. I called my cousins my brother and sisters. But while I was there I was abused and put in situations I shouldn’t have been in. my uncle molested me while I was there and I encountered him doing horrible things the other children. I decided I had to get out of there when I was 13 I devised a plan that caused my mother to be able to come and get me. Well she did so now my life is spent happily under the care of my real mother. It had been almost seven years since I last saw her but I felt like I knew her already. Well this is my story. This is the truth and nothing but it. I am finally in a home where I know I can lay down at night and not have to worry about anything at all. Thank you!

This Story Idea Started As A Classifed Advertisement Typo

What began as a typographical error in a weekly classified “shopper” has turned into “Story Time” for many people.

Initially, the advertisement was going to lead way for the person inserting the ad to tell their life story.  The typographical error lead people to call her to tell their story instead.  Now, people are calling in large numbers to tell their story.  Everybody’s got a story.  What’s yours?

It will be published here.

Someone is calling in with their story tonight.  Stay tuned for their story and be sure to submit your contact information in the form below with a brief synopsis of your story.

Original ad inserted in Volume 25 Number 50 of the West Georgia Shopper.


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